1. /invite daily fire

start by inviting the bot to a channel


@ smiley
2. share a link

... and simply share a link

2. slash command

... or type /df and share

prefix any share with /df
  • Just a link
  • Make a comment (w/ Emoji)
  • Mention people

Click these items to build your own playlist

Daily Fire will still save the track if you share a link without the /df command

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3. enhance shareability

listen anywhere, like & follow

allowing anyone to
  • Listen on alternate platforms
  • Like the track
  • Listen Later
  • Forward to friends
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4. sync to playlists

daily fire builds playlists with all the tracks:

  • Shared to a channel
  • Liked by you
  • Shared by you
  • Shared by users you follow
Sync to Spotify

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