Can't listen right away?
Introducing Listen Queue

Listen Queue is a special type of tracklist where you can keep tracks that you want to catch up on later.

You can use it when someone shares a track that piques your interest, but you are in the middle of something or can't listen right away.

Adding tracks

Simply click the Listen Later button to add a track to your Listen Queue.

You can also add the track to other users Listen Queue by selecting their Slack profile from the Share With dropdown

Listen Queue

Additionally, shares that you are tagged in are automatically added to your Listen Queue. That means you can queue tracks up to your friends Listen Queue just by tagging them!

Viewing your Listen Queue

First, open your Direct Message with the Daily Fire bot. Either find the direct message in the "Apps" group in the Slack Sidebar (scroll all the way down on the left). Or, pull up the Quick Switcher ( CMD + K or CMD + T) and start typing Daily Fire

Then simply type queue or q to trigger your Listen Queue (this might take a second)

Listen Queue

Removing from Listen Queue

Once you have listened to the tracks in your Listen Queue, simply click the Mark as listened button to remove it.

Disabling Listen Queue

If you wish to disable the Listen Queue at any point, pull up your Listen Queue (as mentioned above) and click the overflow menu:

Disabling Listen Queue

Tracks will still be added, but you will no longer be notified. Re-enable it at any time by clicking the Re-enable button in the bots response.

If you lose the message to Re-enable, just type q, or queue again and the bot will respond with a message allowing you to Re-enable

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