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Daily Fire keeps a "tracklist" for every track you Like and Share and builds a tracklist of everything shared by users you Follow.

These can all be found in the sidebar at

Liking Tracks

Liking tracks with Daily Fire provides a useful way to save tracks from Slack.

Each track "Liked" is added to your Likes tracklist. This tracklist can be synced to Spotify as a playlist. Learn more

If the track was shared using the /df commandyou will find a Like Track button:

Like Track

If the track was shared with just a link, you can use the Slack message action:

Like Track from Slack action

If you don't see the Like Track action you may need to click More message actions... and find it in the menu there.

One final way to Like a track is to Sign into the Daily Fire Web Appand navigate to your channels tracklist

From here you can Like a track by clicking the little flame on the track

Like Track from Daily Fire Web App

Finding your Liked tracks

Once you have Liked some tracks you will be able to find them in your Likes tracklist on the Daily Fire Web App

Find this in the sidebar:

Liked Tracks tracklist on Daily Fire web app

Syncing to Spotify

You can have your Likes synced as a Spotify playlist too!

Simply connect your Spotify account to have your Likes (and more) synced as a Spotify playlist:

Sync to Spotify

Sharing Tracks

Daily Fire automatically saves each track you share to your Slack channel. Simply paste a link to the channel!

Alternatively, you can use the /df slash commandto make your shares interactive (highly recommended!)

Each one of your Shares is saved for your convenience, you can find them on the Daily Fire Web Appin the sidebar:

Slack Shares on Daily Fire web app

You can also have this tracklist synced to Spotify: Learn How

Sharing To Users

With Daily Fire, there are multiple ways to ensure your friends are able to listen to the tracks you share to them!

A common method is to simply tag them in a share:

Tag user on Slack in a Spotify share

Daily Fire will add it to their Listen Queue. Making it easy for them to catch up when it suits them

You can share tracks to your friends by simply tagging them in the same way using the /df slash command

e.g. /df @user *link*

Sharing with /df command

If the track was shared with the /df command you can easily share with other users using the Share With dropdown:

Share with Slack User with DF command

Following Users

Following a user means Daily Fire will populate a tracklist with everything the users you follow share.

This is a great way to discover new music through the peoples who's taste you like.

You can follow a user from a message shared with the /df commandlike so:

Follow user from Slack with DF Command

Your Follow Feed

Every track shared by users you follow is added to your follow feed.

Find your follow feed in the Daily Fire Web Appsidebar:

Follow Feed tracklist on Daily Fire web app

Again, you can also have this tracklist synced to Spotify: Learn How

sync to spotify

use the /df command

like, follow & share

use listen queue

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