how i get the spotify, soundcloud & youtube playlists for my channel?

Retrieve your playlists by using the playlists command.
In your channel, type either @Daily Fire playlists or /df playlists

can i invite the daily fire bot to a direct message channel?

Unfortunately no, Slack bots are not permitted into Direct Message channels 😞. However, a common workaround is to create a private channel and invite the bot there!

can i remove tracks from a playlist?

Yes! You can remove a track via the web app. Removing track from Daily Fire
Note: If you don't see the button, first Sign in with Slack

In shared tracklists (i.e your Slack channels tracklist) you can only remove the tracks that you have shared.

how do i like a track?

From Slack, you can like a track by:

From the web app, you can:

what happens when i like a track?

Liking a track adds it to your accounts "Likes" tracklist, making it easy to find again.

This tracklist can be synced to a Spotify playlist, simply by connecting your Spotify account

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share music in your slack team?

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