playlists for your slack channel

Every track shared to your channel is synced to playlists on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube. Making it easy to catch up later or follow along without interrupting your flow.

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helping thousands of slack teams share music

like tracks & listen later

Caught in the middle of something? Easily queue up tracks to listen to later. Like tracks shared to a channel, and sync them to your Spotify account.


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supercharge your shares

Use the /df command with any link to have the bot post an interactive message for you. Enabling others to Like the track, Listen Later, Stream anywhere and more.

can't listen right away?

Easily queue up tracks to catch up on later with your own Listen Queue. Plus, each song you are tagged in is added to your Listen Queue, making it easy to catch up when it suits you.

create custom theme days

Schedule a theme to create a one-off playlist with all the songs shared on that day.

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